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Global Ambassadors

Join the conversation and become a Global Ambassador by sharing your story.  Upload your video below.  The video should be your story about the need for innovation in Tropical Agriculture including current problems you are experiencing or solutions you are implementing.

If we are going to increase production by enhancing productivity and efficiencies through innovative solutions, we must understand the problems that smallholder farmers are experiencing.

Share your story and be a critical part of the solution!


Global Ambassador Program

Tropical AgTech Conference Global Ambassadors Needed

Upload Instructions:

  • maximum length in time – 2 minutes;

  • minimum resolution 1080p (4K if possible);

  • ensure video has audible sound level;

  • include your name, city and country in video;

  • fill out form and uplaod video;

  • by submitting your video, you agree to allow the Tropical AgTech Conference to use the content for promotion or for use during the Conference.

Thanks for submitting!

Press the Upload button to submit your video

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