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Hawaii is well positioned to be the global innovation hub for
Tropical AgTech

A focus on Agriculture Technology and Food Technology as an economic driver is strategic and Hawaii has various competitive advantages.

We Must Be Intentional

Germinating and nurturing the innovation ecosystem around AgTech and FoodTech can attract millions of investment capital and grant dollars.  As the successes begin to bloom, Hawaii will develop the critical mass of ideas and talent to solve some of our most pressing challenges.   These include diversifying the economy, increasing food security and providing high-paying jobs for local talent.  The Sixth Wave of Innovation will transform Tropical Agriculture.  Hawaii can play a major role in the development. Hawaii can indeed be the leader if we choose to do so.

Transformative innovations of the future will be found at the intersection of biological sciences, digital technology and engineering.  This is AgTech.  Hawaii has a storied history of innovation in agriculture.  Hawaii is blessed with natural resources, institutional resources and a passion for agriculture.   Directing technology and innovation to agriculture is the answer to many of Hawaii's challenges and can be exported to help billions of people in the tropics. 


The need for innovative agriculture and food solutions will continue for the foreseeable future.   The challenges are expected to become more difficult.  We are already behind the curve and must act with urgency.  How are we going to ensure our grandchildren and their grandchildren's food security?

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